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My Story

Achieve Success

I am the founder of Fairy Spa Mama: The Skincare Academy. My name is Rachel Estrada, and I am a highly passionate and experienced professional with over 14 years of expertise in the field. I am deeply committed to providing the highest quality education in esthetics. Located in the beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country of Rohnert Park, CA, I am proud to be a certified massage practitioner and licenced esthetician.


What sets me apart is my remarkable achievements with CIDESCO, the global standard in beauty since 1946. I have earned three significant diplomas: the first in Beauty and Spa Management, the second in Beauty Therapy, and most recently, the CIDESCO Teacher Training and Assessment Certification. These three acheivements allow me to practice, manage/own and teach in over 40 countries!


With my extensive knowledge and experience, I have had the privilege of teaching in various locations, including Texas, New York, California, Washington, and Virginia. And let me assure you, I have no intentions of stopping there!


Throughout my career, I have held multiple roles, including lead esthetician, spa operations consultant, mentor, educator, and entrepreneur. But what truly drives me is the satisfaction of serving my clients and students. I am passionate about bringing holistic wellness to my guests and educating them about their skin health. Equally, I find immense joy in nurturing the enthusiasm of budding estheticians and igniting their excitement for this field that I love so much.

Today, I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. Let me be your guide, providing holistic wellness, deepening your knowledge of skincare, and delivering education that meets the highest global standard. Together, we can embark on a transformative experience that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

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On A Personal Note

Born in Sonoma County, though my journey led me early on as a child to El Paso, Texas, where I traveled back and forth between the two states to spend time with my father during winter and summer breaks.

My love for California comes from birth; the travel kept that love alive. 


 From a young age, I developed a deep love for beauty and wellness, inspired by my beautiful mother's example of health and self-care.

As a high school senior, I returned to California, setting the stage for a new chapter in my life. Balancing the responsibilities of starting a family, I found myself working in the finance world until 2009 when the recession opened the door to my true passion—the beauty industry.

Life took me on a series of moves and transitions until 2022 when I finally made my way back to Sonoma County.

Here, I have the opportunity to build my dream—a sanctuary of beauty,

holistic wellness, and a platform for professional education with a global standard.

Join me on this transformative journey as I create a space where beauty professionals flourish, and well-being thrives. Together, we'll make magic happen in Sonoma County, shaping a legacy of holistic wellness and education.

Global Standard
Skincare Education 
For The Professional.

Holistic Skincare
for You.

Your Global Educator & Skin Health Co-Strategist


Expert Educator

Led by Rachel Estrada, a passionate and experienced skincare educator, I provide comprehensive courses designed to sharpen the skills of  new or seasoned professionals, delivering an exceptional experience. I am dedicated to providing the highest quality education, tools, and support to ensure success for our students. I believe that excellence in skincare services is achievable for anyone, and I'm committed to making it happen for you. She also stays current new beauty trends and technology developments such as Ai, automations, and more. Keeping her learners up to date and learning how to save time and money in their businesses. 

Our School Benefits


International Community

Rachel, a CIDESCO diplomat in Beauty and Spa Management, Beauty Therapy, as well as a  CIDESCO global  certification in Teacher Training and Assessment has cultivated a global community of resources, industry leaders, and friends who inspire and support each other. The unwavering focus is on beauty, wellness, and education, all centered around upholding the highest standards. At the core of her mission is a commitment to YOU.


Holistic Curriculum

I believe that skincare is not just about looking good, it's really about feeling good from the inside out. My skincare services focus on developing a holistic approach to skincare,  emphasizing the importance of symbiosis with nature. I believe in using plant-based ingredients and promoting environmentally friendly products and practices. My goal is to empower my clients to have a deeper awareness of how their skin health affects their overall health and well-being and with that empowerment, advocate for their own wellness with me in their corner.

What some of Rachel's students have to say...

Rachel was my esthetics instructor back in 2019, and to this day she has been a constant support system and inspiration!

Even in my current work environment, I utilize her advice and technique in all of my facial and waxing services, which fortunately has set me apart from the rest of the estheticians I work with!

I’m forever grateful that Rachel was my instructor, without her guidance and support, I wouldn’t be half the esthetician I am today.


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