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Beauty Bootcamps!

Level up your beauty career in the Bay Area! My exclusive in-person Masterclasses is designed for all beauty professionals, from seasoned experts to those just starting out. These masterclasses will all have a theory and hands-on whether you are sharpening your technical skills or learning more about marketing platforms, tools, and Ai.


My comprehensive workshops cover a wide range of topics, from skincare techniques to essential business development strategies.

Gain a competitive edge. Learn from an industry expert in specialized sessions designed to elevate your skills and equip you with a powerful professional toolkit.

Are you not in the SF Bay Area? Book your one-on-one or group of up to 10, and let's learn online!

Live Masterclass Line-Up


Choose your path to mastery!

Classes Offered but not limited to:

  • Skin Analysis and Skin Cancer Identification in Skin of Color: Learn to recognize early signs of skin cancer and conduct thorough skin analyses tailored to diverse skin tones.

  • Facial Protocol and Advanced Techniques: Elevate your facial treatment protocols using innovative techniques that promise to enhance your client's experience and satisfaction.

  • The Art of Waxing: Master both basic and advanced waxing techniques to provide swift and painless services. Learn how to master hard wax, soft wax and speed waxing.  Full-body waxing education is available. 

  • Extractions Mastery: Perfect the art of safe and effective extractions to improve skin health and appearance.

  • Business Development: Gain insights into the business aspects of running a beauty venture, focusing on growth and client retention strategies.

  • And much more...

Workshop Details:

Duration: Each workshop lasts 2-3 hours, with theory and practical training packed in.


Materials: You'll receive a comprehensive workbook, access to digital resources, and a certificate of completion.

Facial Treatment
  • Mens Facial Techniques

  • Advanced Chemical Peels: Alpha Hydroxy Peels, Beta Hydroxy Peels, Microdermabrasion Peels, and more

  • Facial Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Advanced Esthetician Business Practices

  • Advanced Esthetician Marketing Techniques

  • Advanced Facial Massage Techniques

  • Introduction to Cosmetic Chemistry & Ingredient Classification

  • Advanced Ingredient Knowledge and Assessment

  • Treating Skin Conditions with LED Light Therapy

Invest in yourself for only $127 per session!

Want to book a group session?

Book for as low as $87 per person!

More education to choose from!

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